NCHC Goals of the Week Breakdown- 1/21/2014

I love the fact that the new NCHC league is promoting itself with cool highlights of the weekend action like this.  I look forward to the top plays every week.

#5- Just a standard give and go redirect by Nebraska-Omaha’s Josh Archibald, nothing really special about the actual goal. More so, would be Archibald’s ability to get to the net after making the initial pass into the zone.

#4- WMU’s Shane Berschbach receives a pass in his skates that he settles down which allows him to go in all alone make a little deke to the backhand and slide it between Faragher’s wickets.  The funny part about this goal is Faragher looks like he anticipates Berschbach to lift the puck and goes for the glove save while the puck is sliding into the net.

#3- UND’s Derek Rodwell carries the puck down the outside of the offensive zone on his backhand and then pulls a nifty move to drag the puck inside the defender’s stick and beat Bemidji State’s Andrew Walsh.  I really liked seeing him score this goal because he has been making a lot of these plays lately without necessarily being the recipient of the goal.  This is more of the type of goal I expected him to score after watching his rookie season as a Fighting Sioux player.

#2- CC’s Alexander Krushelnyski does half of a spin-o-rama while receiving a pass, dekes around a defender and seems to catch the goalie off guard when he shoots it off his backhand into the near side of the net.  While this goal is nice and he’s a talented player, I would think the goalie would be disappointed in his positioning to allow this goal to go in.  I’m not sure if he assumed it wasn’t going to be shot or just lost his place on the ice, but this wasn’t a good goal to let in.

#1- In this week’s version of “life’s not fair” goals, while St. Cloud State’s Jimmy Murray is fighting off a Bronco defender he decides to roof a shot past the Broncos goaltender.  Mr. Murray had no business putting the puck where he did given the position he was in, thus he earns the #1 spot.

For a change, I did not have a lot of issues with the rankings of the goals that made the top 5.  The goals were decent this week but not quite as spectacular when compared to previous weeks.

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