NCHC Goals of the Week- 03/04/2014

#5: Connor Gaarder(UND)- This play really starts before the video with Paul Ladue making a stretch pass to Brendan O’Donnell who carries it in the zone and conspicuously slides it past the defender to Connor Gaarder who snipes a wrister from the slot.  Gaarder scored 2 goals on the night and this one started the 5 goal onslaught in North Dakota’s 5-2 win on Friday night.

#4: Joey Benik(SCSU)- From the same series as #5 but on a different night with a different result(SCSU won 3-1).  I don’t give credit to the goal scorer as much as the set-up man here.  Kalle Kossila fakes a slap shot that seems to fool the UND defenders and also open up the passing lane that Kossila uses to place the puck on Benik’s stick. Zane Gothberg, appearing to be screened on the play, doesn’t know the puck has been passed until it’s too late.

#3: Charlie Taft(CC)- Carrying the puck into the zone Charlie Taft shields it from the closing UNO defender.  Once he seems to get himself to an ‘un-scorable’ angle he does the unthinkable and fires the shot through the puck size opening over the goalie’s near-side shoulder.

#2: Blake Coleman(Miami)- A good through-pass finds Blake Coleman(who has been on fire since returning from injury) on a breakaway. He makes the goalie lunge the wrong way and roofs the puck unnecessarily high, seeing as how he had the whole net to look at.  Nonetheless, it was a pretty goal and maybe would’ve beat the goalie if he hadn’t left his jockstrap on the ice after Coleman’s initial move.

#1 Caleb Herbert(UMD): Feels like I’m seeing more and more of this guy on the top plays recently.  In this installation, Herbert tips a point slap shot and does his best Evan Trupp impression in diving across the crease and swatting the puck out of the air and into the back of the net.

Upon further review, you could flip #3 and #2 in my mind but that’s just my opinion and I could probably be talked out of it.

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