Weekend Predictions- ‘Benadryl and Beer’

Drake Caggiula, Alex GacekI will start by apologizing for the brevity of this post but I am in the process of moving from Minneapolis to God’s Country… which of course is Grand Forks, North Dakota.  And I’d like to make it there for puck drop at 7:37 PM.

Last weekend North Dakota picked up a convincing sweep of the reeling Badgers.  My fears of UND taking Wisconsin a little too lightly were quickly erased when I saw the urgency with which they played in the 3rd period of Friday night.  They were the better team and the doubling up of shot total reflected that.  Many of the chances were grade A too for North Dakota but Wisconsin’s netminder, Joel Rumpel, kept the game in check.  This led to a 4-3 win for the Sioux but the game didn’t feel as close as the score indicated.

Saturday night saw North Dakota get out to a 2-1 goal lead going into the 3rd.  Zane McIntyre made some huge saves to keep the Badgers from getting back into the game.  The 3rd period saw North Dakota score 3 goals, including an own goal by Drake of Wisconsin, however I must admit I only saw the goals as a result of the highlights.  Why, you ask? Well as a result of my allergies I was forced to slam a couple of tablets of Benadryl followed by some beer.  I was struggling with getting the BTN app to play the game during the 2nd intermission so I decided I’d rather listen to UND’s play-by-play man, Tim Hennessy.  So there I am, laying down, phone on my chest in the 2nd intermission listening to Tim Hennessy breaking down the play thus far and BOOM… lights out.  Next thing I remember, my fiancée was waking me up about what I figured to be midnight to go to bed.  Holy crap, I thought, I have no idea what transpired in the 3rd period!  Much to my relief the score read 5-1 and I could continue my Benadryl coma until the next morning.

Miami @ UND

Miami comes to town with all of the firepower of last year and more.  Blake Coleman, Austin Czarnik, Riley Barber… I could go on and on.  The Redhawks will be as tough as ever to stop from putting the puck in the net.  To top it off, their defense and goalie don’t look completely discombobulated as they did last season at the Ralph when the Sioux hung a 9 spot on them.

On the other side North Dakota just got the terrible news that Nick Schmaltz will be out indefinitely with an upper body injury.  Also, Paul Ladue and Mark McMillan will be questionable for the games in Grand Forks.  The Sioux have not looked great at home so far this year which worries me a bit.  Because of the injuries I’m going to have 2 predictions based on who plays.  If Ladue and McMillan play, UND SWEEP 5-3, 4-3.  If one or neither of them play SPLIT UND 4-2, MIAMI 5-3.


UMD @ Minnesota, Minnesota @ UMD:  SPLIT

SCSU @ Western Michigan: SPLIT

CC @ Denver(SINGLE GAME): Denver Wins

This week’s episode of Through These Doors:

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