2017-18 UND Hockey by the Numbers

Well hello there. A new hockey season is upon us when UND kicks off the season with an exhibition game against the Manitoba Bisons… or Bison… or is it Manitoba’s Bison? Either way, it’s always an exciting time of the year.

It’s been a while since posting because I didn’t have the motivation last year.  Everything I thought about writing was just a rehash of something Brad Schlossman already wrote so I decided against plagiarizing his material for the time being. But I was perusing through the media guide today and decided to see what sort of changes have been made by returning players since the start of last season and thought ‘If only I had a medium to spew out a bunch of random stats and thoughts’.

Here’s how the returners have physically changed since the beginning of last season:

– Andrew Peski: +3 lbs

– Casey Johnson: +12 lbs

– Colton Poolman: -1 lb

– Zach Yon: +6 lbs

– Dixon Bowen: +5 lbs

– Johnny Simonson: +3 lbs

– Trevor Olson: -2 lbs

– Mike Gornall: -2 lbs

– Austin Poganski: No Change

– Shane Gersich: +1 Inch, +4 lbs

– Rhett Gardner: No Change

– Christian Wolanin: +5 lbs

– JJ: +6 lbs

– Cole Smith: +5 lbs

– Ludvig Hoff: -1 lb

– Hayden Shaw: No Change

– Cam Johnson: +1 Inch, +5 lbs

– Bob Anderson: -6 lbs

Bolded are a few of the players that stuck out to me.  Casey Johnson will now look like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Zach Yon like Zach Efron. Also, props to Cam and Gersich for sticking to their stretching regimens(because that’s how you grow taller). Until proven otherwise, I am going to assume all weight gain is increased muscle mass and all weight loss is a result of reduced body fat %.

Also, it looks like this year’s team has been cutting back on the bacon when compared to the previous year.

2016-2017 Average Height: 6’1″ and Average Weight: 195.2 lbs

2017-2018 Average Height: 6’0″ and Average Weight: 193.9 lbs

On average, the players take up approximately 1″ and 1.3 lbs less room in the locker room.  This has to be a huge relief to the hockey budget in the way of savings via shorter sticks, decreased skate sharpening, food consumption and of course transportation. Approximately 30 fewer pounds to haul on all the planes, trains and automobiles should make up for any discrepancy in increased gas prices.  If you find issues with my math please keep it to yourself.

Reviewing the players coming in, it looks like Collin Adams and Jordan Kawaguchi are the shortest of the incoming freshies at 5’9″.  But Grimaldi was 4’8″ and he dominated college hockey and is making a nice career in the NHL so no reason to worry. On the other side of the coin, Peter Thome(6’4″)is the tallest of the incoming players so he’ll of course be the designated beer bong holder after we sweep the Gophers.

Speaking of the rodents, we really need someone to hang a cardboard cutout of this picture on the glass during warmups for the Minesota series on October 21st & 22nd:


I’ll even pay for it……… if it’s not super expensive.

That’s all for now!


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1 Response to 2017-18 UND Hockey by the Numbers

  1. Siouxfan512 says:

    1 of those mittlestadt posters will not be enough. There should be about 15 lining the glass by the student section, and another 4 or 5 right behind the gopher bench.

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