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Reactions/Predictions- ‘Hockey Hangover’

If you are one of thousands of rubes that reads or follows this blog(IALTO) on a regular basis you might be thinking ‘What happened to Weekend Reactions last week following the Western Michigan series?’ I considered explaining it as being busy at … Continue reading

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Weekend Predictions- ‘WE WANT THE CUP!’

“It’s obviously a great feeling to hang a banner.  This program is built on excellence and winning…but our goal is to hang a green one, not a white one”.  This line was uttered by Stephane “The General” Pattyn’s quote from … Continue reading

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NCHC Goals of the Week- 03/04/2014

#5: Connor Gaarder(UND)- This play really starts before the video with Paul Ladue making a stretch pass to Brendan O’Donnell who carries it in the zone and conspicuously slides it past the defender to Connor Gaarder who snipes a wrister from the slot.  Gaarder … Continue reading

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Sunday Reactions

So I don’t want to toot my own horn on my first weekend predictions.   That being said…toot toot.  I predicted UND would sweep with scores of 4-2 and 3-2(OT).  They won by scores of 5-3 and 3-2, albeit not in … Continue reading

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Predictions 01/10/2014

Welcome to the first Hockey College Blog post.  I will kick it off by making predictions for the upcoming weekend of college hockey play around the country with a little explanation for the scores.  I’m not going to throw a guess at every … Continue reading

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