Welcome to the University of Hockey blog. I will start off with a little background about myself and move on to what you should expect from this website so as to avoid any misconceptions.

I am originally from Grand Forks, North Dakota and yes, this does mean that I am a diehard University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux hockey fan. I have been going to games my whole life thanks to my parents having season tickets for the past 20+ years and for that I am grateful. The reason I feel that my loyalties are important to disclose is because it will obviously factor into some of my opinions; thus, it will translate to what I post. I would like to tell you that I’m completely neutral but when your weekend schedule from October to April revolves around when the puck drops for the UND game, it would be a lie to say I don’t lean one way. As a result of this, I feel as it would be a disservice to present myself in a completely neutral light.

Now on to what I believe I can contribute that you can’t find on the already existing college hockey sites. First, I will say that I am not planning to regurgitate facts, stats, or box scores because I feel that information is only useful to a point. I find that hockey is more difficult to define than any other sport by quoting a Goals Against Average or a Power Play %. It is a fluid game with an infinite amount of variables working which is also why I believe it interests me so much. That being said, I am not a hockey expert nor do I claim to even be a hockey expert’s friend. If you are looking for an x’s and o’s breakdown, I would recommend finding another web site. My “extensive” hockey career involves 2 goals in a span of as many years at the age of 10. However, I would like to note that I labeled myself as a shutdown defender. One of my biggest achievements was from between the pipes where I “retired” undefeated…after 1 game. I saw 11 shots(all laser wristers) and allowed 7 pucks to sneak by me into the net. Some may say our team had an offense that bailed me out scoring 21 goals that game but I say I played well enough to win, and that’s the stat that counts the most. Another thing you most likely won’t get here is “BREAKING NEWS”. For one, I believe being first with news is overrated(and often wrong) and secondly, I’m attending games in the stands, not the pressbox.

Now that we covered everything I can’t provide the lucky reader of this blog(which seemed like a lot once I typed it out) onto what I will. I can provide a perspective on conferences, teams, and players unfiltered and without worry about how it will affect my connections(because I don’t have any). This means that I will ask the tough questions(of myself) and won’t be offended by my answer. But seriously, what I am looking to provide to is a fan’s take on college hockey and hopefully encourage useful discussion on how it can grow and improve.

Thanks for reading!

…and Go Sioux


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